Laetitia, 19, France, librarian, writer, feminist, Naya Holic & Evil Regal. Daenerys Targaryen is my religion. I'm a proud member of the Swan Queen Nation.
Ardent shipper of Brittana, Cophine, Delena, Faberry, Klaroline, Red Beauty, Sleeping Warrior, Rizzles, Caskett, Bechloe, Joniss.

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Swan Queen everywhere, yay.


Two drawings with absolutly no connexion.

But hey, y’know, inspiration is weird.

Especially when you pass to deeply depressed (and need cute and romantic things) ..

image totally hysterical (and need something joyful and a bit stupid).


Yes. Swan-Mills family color is Red. It’s official. 



nah man life doesn’t get better when you educate yourself about feminism. life gets considerably harder. bc all of a sudden you pick up on all of these problematic things people you care about say and you start noticing every little way women are degraded and held down in society and you become hyperaware of how you speak and what you say and it’s really, really difficult and tiresome.



Lana signed my Swan Queen calendar for me & my gf. I told her we got together because of the show and she said “Aww, I love that!!!” Sweetest woman EVER.


mainly I’d want to be cast in orphan black because I’d have a 98% chance of making out with tatiana maslany